Technology Skills Training

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Earn Escondido Adult School Certificates and the knowledge to set you on the path to career success. Our Business, Finance, and Technology Skills courses will make you a more marketable job candidate and allow you to ask for that raise you deserve. We offer online and in-person instructional classes to meet your needs. Follow the Path to Success today! __________________________________________________________________________
  • Get hands-on training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access to meet your full potential in the workplace!
  • This course provides preparation for employment for office occupations such as administrative assistant, general office clerk, receptionist, etc.
  • Learn at your own pace with teacher support.
  • Supplemental training in basic math, spelling, keyboarding, Windows 10, file management, or verbal communication is available also.
  • Prepare for employment tests.
  • Learn computer skills that will help you get hired!
  • For each level completed, students are awarded a Certificate of Competency with a list of competencies.
  • Learn to type! Boost your typing speed and accuracy! Add a typing certificate to your resume!
  • Students work through the lessons at their own pace.
Typing Certificate Testing by appointment only
  • Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Times: 1:00pm and 2:30pm
  • Phone: 760-737-8007
  • If no answer, please email Joanne Hayes at [email protected] and she will contact you with your appointment details.
  • The fee of $35 includes 4 attempts, 3 hard-copy certificates, and a PDF certificate sent to the candidate’s email.
  • Photo I.D. Required
  • This down-to-earth, basic computer class is designed for anyone who has little or no knowledge of the computer world.
  • Some topics covered in class include: parts of the computer, keyboard, and mouse functions, the difference between desktop and laptop, browsing the Internet, and using Email, simple troubleshooting techniques, as well as the use of the built-in help feature.
  • Software basics, file creation, and picture transfers, from cameras and phones, will also be introduced in class.
  • Learn all this in an easy-going relaxed environment.
  • This class is designed for students with some basic knowledge of computers.
  • Discover how to use Microsoft Windows 10 in conjunction with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications.
  • Learn how to manipulate files, insert text, and picture files into MS Word.
  • The course is taught in a relaxing, hands-on, user-friendly atmosphere.
  • Create letters, memos, and format documents, insert dates, tables, columns, graphics and more.
  • MICROSOFT WORD TIPS (Additional One Day Class option)
    • This is a one-day class for students familiar with Word. Learn the latest timesavers and tricks to become a more efficient and productive Word user.
  • Produce and format worksheets, autofit columns, create formulas, functions, charts, and more.
  • Learn how to use data, arithmetic, and logic statements.
  • MICROSOFT EXCEL TIPS (Additional One Day Class option)
    • This one-day, quick-paced class is not for novices. Learn tips, shortcuts, and hacks to maximize your time in Excel.
  • This course introduces hands-on mechanical drawing and computer-aided
    design (CAD) using Autocad Software.
  • Instruction focuses on preparing and editing drawings, storage, and retrieval of drawings, and production of commercial quality drawings on a plotter.
  • Students gain skills in computer terminology and techniques in Windows.