Principal's Message

Fall 2018


The day after Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, is the day that our classes start up again here at Escondido Adult School and all the staff are here, ready and waiting to welcome you when you walk through the door.

As we continue to celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, I also reflect that in a few months we will also have been in our magnificent building here at 220 W. Crest for eight years and that hundreds of adult students, just like you have passed through our doors.

Everybody has their own personal reason for coming back to school to take a class or two. At our recent graduation ceremony for high school diploma and high school equivalency graduates held at the Concert Hall of the California Center for the Arts, some of our student speakers gave fascinating accounts of what brought them back to school.

One thing all students had in common though is that they all had to make a decision to sign up for a class and come back to school. For some of our students that may have taken weeks, months, or even years in the making. However, make that decision they did and all were glad to have done so.

So why not make this fall the time for you pursue your passion or interest, learn a new skill, or get some career training. Lifelong Learning is our guiding principal. Why not make it yours?  Keep on developing your skills and knowledge in whatever area you have an interest in. Developing ourselves by learning a little more every day makes us better for ourselves, our family and friends, and our greater community.

We have classes for a wide variety of interests and aptitudes, some more job and career related, others more recreational. They are all there in the catalog, so leaf through it and find that class that you have been thinking about and take the next step and register online at our brand new website at or drop by the office at the school to register. See you all soon!


Brian Head, Principal