Principal's Message

Principal’s Message  


Spring / Summer 2019


Welcome to our Spring and Summer Catalog!


Featured on the front page is our instructor, Bill Jones, who teaches our very popular, Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Ukulele class held on Wednesdays from 11:00am – 1:00pm. It is always a pleasure to hear his students playing their instruments as Bill leads the way with his extensive range of music at his fingertips and see the enthusiasm of the students as they develop their playing skills.


Bill Jones has devoted years to his guitar playing craft. Practice, repetition, and reinforcement are the keys to learning anything new. Developing your skills and abilities is at the core of what Escondido Adult School is all about. With spring fast approaching, now is the time to leaf through our catalog and find the class that will get your juices flowing.


We are very proud of our new website at where you can view our catalog online, register for classes, and find out more about what the school has to offer you.


Spring is a time for renewal and growth. Maybe you need some new career training or want to complete your high school diploma or earn a high school equivalency certificate. Perhaps you need to learn English in our English as a Second Language classes or learn Spanish in our Spanish Basics I & II classes. We also offer an array of art classes for those of you wishing to express your artistic talents.  We are sure you will find something just right for you in our catalog.


Spring is also a time for new possibilities. We look forward to welcoming you at the school and helping you find out what may be possible for you!


Best Regards

Brian Head, Principal