Principal's Message

The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer. Welcome to our spring catalog where you will find classes that will make a positive difference in your life whether you wish to learn to advance your educational and career options or to learn simply for the pleasure of learning something new.
Over the front and rear doors of our splendid school at 220 W. Crest Street, we have signs that announce “Lifelong Learning” for that is what we believe in, promote, and encourage for the adults in our broader community. Lifelong learning truly never ends. At different stages of our lives we need different sets of skills and knowledge and at Escondido Adult School we have students from eighteen years of age to eighty.
In every catalog, we like to spotlight a set of teachers and this spring we feature our English as a Second Language teachers. What an interesting group they are! They have taught and had educational experiences all over the world and we are delighted that they can bring that background and knowledge to share with and inspire our students who are learning English for the first time.
The seasons turn and spring is almost upon us. Please take the time to leaf through our catalog to find a class that meets your needs or inspires your interest. At Escondido Adult School, we are here for you. We look forward to seeing you!
Best Regards,
Brian Head, Principal