Diploma & High School Equivalency Programs

All New Academic Students MUST view the following video BEFORE registering. 



We are so excited you are considering EAS to help you reach your academic goals!

To best serve you, please review the following steps and protocols to get your journey to success started.


  • Students interested in our High School Diploma program or the High School Equivalency Certificate must first view our orientation video in order to decide which program they are best suited for. 
  • Orientation & Registration sessions for our HiSET and Diploma programs are ongoing and weekly. Please see our online registration page for orientation information, dates, times, and location!
  • All students who wish to enroll must first sign-up for a mandatory orientation session.
  • Diploma students MUST bring a copy of their high school transcripts to orientation. Students will not be registered until transcripts are received.

High School Equivalency & Diploma Requirements

HiSET Program General Information:

The High School Equivalency certificate is awarded by the California Department of Education as an alternative for adults attending and completing high school. It is earned by taking a series of tests in core subjects to demonstrate basic learning competencies.
The HiSET series of five tests consist of: 
  • Language Arts, Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science
The GED® series of four tests consist of:
  • Reasoning/Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies 
Our HISET program provides you with the best materials, practice exams, and experienced teachers to help you prepare to pass each exam as quickly as possible.
  • Our average student takes 3-9 months to complete all 5 exams. Both certificates are recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • We strongly recommend you consider the HiSet High School Equivalency Certificate if you need more than 45 credits to complete the High School Diploma program.
  • You do not need High School transcripts or any record of previous schooling to participate in the HiSET Equivalency program.
  • The coursework we offer is free. However, there are fees to take the HiSET exams offered by the testing company ETS. See the video above for more details.
Diploma Program General Information:
The Diploma program is for students 18yrs or older who have a few remaining classes to complete from their former high school.
  • Potential diploma students have been enrolled in a United States high school at some point in their educational career and have a copy of their high school transcript.
  • Students earn class credit by completing coursework through an online program called Edgenuity. 
  • In order to achieve a Diploma, students will need to complete their remaining credits unfinished from their high school for a total of 190 credits within the following categories: (each class is worth 5 credits)
Courses Credits
English 40
Math 20
Social Science 30
Science 20
Fine Art/Foreign Language
Career&Technical Education 5
Health 5
Computer Literacy 5
Electives 55
Total =  190
  • On average, our students complete 40 credits (8 classes) in 9 months. This is why we recommend students who have more than 40 credits to complete for the high school diploma, consider taking HiSET to be able to finish their academic goals sooner.
Diploma or HiSET?
Of course, it is up to you to decide. Please take everything you learned from the video and the information listed above to make the best decision as to which option would best suit your needs.

HiSET para hispanohablantes:

Para los estudiantes que deseen realizar el examen HiSET en español, visite la página "HiSET en Español" para obtener más información.

Technology Requirements:
  • Please understand our Diploma and HiSET program content is accessed online. These programs require reliable WiFi and a laptop or tablet to operate.
  • While you can access content on a smartphone, it is very difficult to complete assignments and coursework without a laptop or tablet.
  • We do offer a computer lab for students to use at our Crest Campus during school hours 8:30am-8:30pm.
  • We do not provide equipment to students to use at home. Students must provide their own technology equipment to work from home.
  • All Academic program students are required to participate in a CASA's reading exam before starting a diploma or HiSET program and again before they complete their program.
  • During the orientation process, students will be given their first CASA's exam.
Welcome to the Escondido Adult School Family! We look forward to helping you reach your goals!
Need more information? Check out our Academic website for all the specific details regarding our Diploma and HiSET programs.