Phlebotomy Training Academy

Escondido Adult School is proud to announce our partnership with Phlebotomy Training Academy!
The Phlebotomy Training Academy will now be conducting all phlebotomy certification courses at the Escondido Adult School Main Campus at 220 West Crest St. in the new state-of-the-art lab facilities on our upper floor. 
A High School Diploma or Equivalency is required to enroll in this program.
Students wanting to register for a phlebotomy course will register directly with the Phlebotomy Training Academy using their website:
Why choose Phlebotomy Training Academy?
  • Competitive Tuition and Program Costs - $1995.00
  • Accelerated Phlebotomy Program of 40 hours of coursework
  • Convenient Morning and/or Saturday classes offered
  • An individualized teaching approach provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the industry.
  • Unlimited venipuncture access. Students are always welcomed back to class for more hands-on training during future classes at no additional cost.
  • Possible 40-hour externship
  • Free Resume help and interview preparation
  • One on one training – focused blood draws
Mission and Purpose
Phlebotomy Training Academy’s mission is to provide hands-on training to those interested in entering the Phlebotomy Industry through proper education, focused training, and individualized attention to the needs of the students. Also, to guide students to achieve the Certified Phlebotomy Technician Licensure to gain a professional career in the phlebotomy field.

The purpose or objective of the Phlebotomy Training Academy is to train highly-skilled, well-qualified, and certified phlebotomy technicians who can use their acquired skills to provide a high level of service to the patients they work with within the healthcare industry.
Program Description
Phlebotomy Training Academy is a 40-hour program where students will learn phlebotomy and develop the skill, through hands-on practice, of the venipuncture procedure.
Students will learn both didactically and hands-on skills training during the course.
Students will practice blood drawing in class on real veins from classmates.
The course will teach venesection, lab processing, physiology of blood, centrifuging, microscope use, capillary punctures, specimen procurement, equipment, anatomy and more, and safety procedures.

Students are required to complete 40 full hours of Phlebotomy class time instruction. After completing class time and passing the NHA exam, students may participate in a 40-hour clinical externship, if they meet the requirements.
A total of 80 hours of Phlebotomy Class and Externship coursework is required for graduation from the phlebotomy program. Apart from attendance and required hours, students must score 75% or higher on all quizzes and exams during the course. For Externship information and policies please visit the EAS Externship website.
To register and see class schedules, please click on the PTA Registration button below.
For information regarding Phlebotomy Externships please visit the EAS Externship Website