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Put on a happy face and get in touch with your inner artist! 
  • In this course, students learn to see their own experiences as subjects.
  • Both man-made and natural objects will be explored.
  • Various black and white and colored media will be introduced, such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, and printmaking.
  • The course is for all levels.
  • Supply lists handed out on the first day of class. Students may spend $50 or more on supplies.
Using the colorful medium of watercolor, students learn to see the world around them through the eyes of an artist.
  • The course is for beginning to advanced-intermediate students and covers the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design/Composition, so students can apply them to create successful paintings.
  • Various subjects and techniques are presented with a light-hearted approach.
Beginning and continuing students will learn Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, using various chisel-tipped pens to write the Italic, Roman and Gothic alphabets.
  • Students will create patterns, bookmarks, gift tags, name cards, greeting cards, quotations, manuscripts, journals, and other practical useful items.
  • This class is for both beginning students, who are new to calligraphy and continuing students who want to improve their skills or work on projects.
EAS offers a series of art workshops throughout the year for students to choose from. Some of the topics include:
  • Abstract Color Landscape in Watercolor
  • Close-up on Watercolor Flowers
  • Drawing Animals in Ink and Mixed Media Workshop
  • Take Your Fish For A Walk: A Journey of the Imagination
See our registration for detailed descriptions of each of these fun and enlightening workshops!
Ceramics is an introductory class designed for students with little to no prior experience in ceramics.
  • Intermediate and advanced students will also benefit from the opportunity to explore and expand their skills.
  • The majority of our time together will be put towards creating and experimenting with clay.
  • Students will learn about ceramic equipment/materials, hand building, sculpting, glazing, and basic wheel throwing techniques with clay.
  • All materials are supplied and included in the class registration fee
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