Parent & Child Education

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class dates, times, and orientation schedules for your specific program.
EAS Pre-School
  • Parent participation classes are double the fun and double the learning as parents and children learn side by side!
  • These classes are a great way for parents to be actively involved in their child’s preschool experience while simultaneously learning about child development and parenting.
  • Each class includes parent discussion time where parenting topics are covered.
  • Parents and children take classes together one, two, or three days per week.
  • Classes include activities and ideas to help stimulate the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of your child.
  • The registration fee includes a $5.00 lab fee.
18-36 Months
  • These classes provide parents and children an opportunity to attend class together once a week.
  • Nursery rhymes, songs, fingerplays, games, and accompanying hands-on activities have lots of child appeal and provide wonderful learning opportunities for parents and children alike.
  • Siblings welcome.
3-4 Years
  • Parents and children attend classes together 2 times per week.
  • Classes include activities and ideas to help stimulate the physical, emotional and intellectual development of your child.
  • Children have fun learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.
Pre-Kindergarten (4–5-year-olds)
  • This class is for 4-5-year-old children to attend three days a week with parent involvement in the classroom on one of those days, and a 20-minute parent discussion on another day.
  • This preschool program is designed to allow children ample opportunity to learn through play while also providing literacy, numeracy, language, phonics, and other kindergarten readiness skills.
Please see our online registration page or our catalog for class dates and times!