Basic Skills Classes & ESL Transition

These ongoing transition classes are for students who need to improve basic reading, writing, and math skills before beginning high school equivalency preparation such as the HiSET® test. Instruction is delivered through a combination of computer-based programs and teacher-led small group work in a supportive atmosphere. 

These classes are also appropriate for students who need to review basic skills such as reading and math for employment tests or other types of entry-level tests; or for those who simply want to learn, review, or refresh basic skills for their own personal satisfaction.

Advanced-level English as a second language (ESL) students who are ready to transition to high school equivalency preparation are also encouraged to join these classes and can take them in combination with their ESL classes. There are no fees for any of these classes.

To enroll for our Basic Skills classes please contact Lea Heredia, Registration and Orientation Coordinator at