Transcript Requests

High School Diploma Transcripts Requests
Escondido Adult School high school graduates may obtain their transcripts for a fee of $10. Download and complete the transcript request form (PDF). Bring form to the adult school office or fax request to 760-747-2017. Contact Sonia Lopez at 760-737-8006 with any questions.
GED Test Transcript Requests
Persons who took the GED examination prior to 2002 may obtain their GED transcripts through the Escondido Adult School for a fee of $10. Download, and complete GED transcript request form (PDF). Bring form to the adult school office or fax to 760-747-2017. For questions contact JoAnne Hayes at 760-737-8007.
Persons who have taken the GED since 2002 may obtain their transcripts online at for $15. Go to, click 'Get Transcript' on the opening page.
ROP Transcript Requests
Former Escondido Adult School ROP students may obtain their transcripts for $10. Download and complete the  ROP transcript request form (PDF). Bring completed form to the adult school office or fax 760-747-2017. Contact Sonia Lopez at 760-737-8006 with any questions.
Deferred Action Application Transcript and Enrollment Verification Requests (Dream Act)
Escondido Adult School students may obtain transcripts or enrollment / attendance verification for the Deferred Action Application (Dream Act). You must have graduated from or be currently enrolled in Escondido Adult School. Bring application, passport photo, and birth certificate copy to the adult school office for processing. There is a $10 charge for former graduates; no charge for currently enrolled students.