Adult Education "Teacher of the Year"

Adult Education Teacher of the Year Elaine Moore teaches the advanced level ESL classes at Escondido Adult School. She graduated San Diego State University the same year that her oldest child graduated from high school. After earning her teaching credential, she started working as a middle school teacher in a private school, teaching computer applications, and taught ESL in another school district, as well. She has been with the adult school for 11 years and she absolutely loves teaching and sharing with her students the many opportunities that lifelong learning offers.

Elaine is a skilled adult educator. Her students learn English in a community setting centered around a technology hub. It has always been a goal of hers to support her adult English learners to become strong writers. She encourages all her students to move beyond the ESL classroom and transition to the high school equivalency classroom. Elaine works to self-improve and support others’ growth.

Elaine is a team leader who is always willing to support others’ efforts and move the team forward. She contributes in a positive fashion, with a light heart and a welcoming smile. She has led the ESL department's technology integration push by participating in the Digital Leadership Academy, a 2-year commitment, designed to support teachers with blended learning. To that end, Elaine has moved her class to CANVAS, a learning management system that affords students extended learning opportunities.

Elaine Moore Escondido Adult School Elaine says, “Teaching is a huge blessing for me. I love teaching, I love the students, and I love the opportunity to continue learning and growing with my students.”