Certificated Teacher of the Year - Mr. Joshua Murphy

Certificated Teacher of the Year 2019

Since joining the staff of Escondido Adult School in 2009, Josh has developed into an outstanding educator in our afternoon and evening high school diploma and high school equivalency program. In the diploma program, he is responsible for instruction and required to be knowledgeable in over 20 subject areas. In the high school equivalency, HiSET program, he prepares his students in the five test areas of math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.

Josh is responsible for ensuring the success of all students through the District’s Edgenuity instructional program for high school diploma students. He demonstrates great empathy and skill for all our adult students who often have less than positive, previous educational experiences. He does one on one and small group instruction and it is a pleasure to observe him as he coaches the students to understand and apply the key concepts.

Josh’s commitment to the school, his colleagues and students is unchallenged. His enthusiasm in the classroom and his ability to engage students and motivate them is remarkable. He also travels out, two mornings a week to our site at Two Directions on the Rincon reservation to teach a hard to serve population there. He is also our CPR instructor on Saturday mornings and most recently encouraged and guided another member of our staff to become qualified as an instructor.

Josh was also the chair of the school’s WASC committee in 2016 and was commended by the chair of the Visiting Team for the work he had done and said that he was marked as a future administrator. In recent months, Josh resumed his role as WASC chair for the Mid-Cycle report and has steered this process.

Josh has been very active in CCAE, the California Council for Adult Education at the section level. He attends conferences regularly and was a valuable part of the planning committee for the 2014 state conference in San Diego and again this year for this year’s state conference, again in San Diego.

Recently married over a year ago, the Murphy family are now expecting their first child. Josh has not allowed the strains of future fatherhood impact his performance as a teacher deserving of the “Teacher of the Year Award”. 

To Josh, congratulations for being awarded the Escondido Adult School's Certificated Teacher of the Year award, presented by EUHSD Superintendent Steve Boyle and Assistant Superintendent Olga West.